ASTCO specialize in supplying the trade from our nationwide collections of reusable clothing, what makes us so special is our ability to provide nationwide door to door textiles and textile bank clothing and shoes from our 100's of banks throughout the UK. We also make collections from our F.F.C and nationwide charities on a 52 weeks regular basis. For larger quantities of textiles we supply and purchase clothing & shoes which can be used for huge array of applications. All our trailers are totally unprocessed and include clothing, shoes and other footwear. We do not take any cream out of our loads, that is why our reputation is second to none throughout the UK and Europe, you're assured to make a profit. Our textiles are currently exported around the world, providing clothing for the UK & third world countries.

With the added benefit of saving the textiles from landfill, all part of the ASTCO recycling process. We are proud to be working in association with and also supporting many leading nationwide charities throughout the UK. By working together we can really make a difference.

We are proud to be apart of Textiles 2030

The Astco Service

Whether you are looking to raise funds from the processing of unwanted textiles or looking to receive used rag within the UK or internationally, ASTCO can offer you a complete, reliable and cost effective solution with non of the hassle - just leave it to us!


We collect regularly from our nationwide network of textile banks. We can also organise collections from businesses, councils and charities


All our rag is checked but untouched and includes shoes and other footwear. We do not take any cream out of our loads so you're assured to make a profit!


For large quantities of textiles, we can supply direct to you. We specialize in the supply and export to the trade globally.

We are proud members of the Textile Recycling Association & the Charity Retail Association


The Astco Recycling Process

ASTCO focus on making the process of textile collection as easy for you as possible. Once a contract is agreed we will deliver your textile banks as required, collect on a monthly basis and send you the funds... EASY!

Contract Agreed Between Client & ASTCO

ASTCO Delivers Collection Bins Free of Charge!

Public Uses Bins to Dispose of Unwanted Clothes & Shoes

ASTCO collects goods

ASTCO recycles the goods at our depot

You receive funds at leading rates per ton

Stress-free process....No outlay...Returned funds!

Textile Banks provided with NO OUTLAY!

Dealing with us allows charities to claim back recycling credits from local councils.

Easy month-to-month return

BACS payments are paid monthly with monthly return of the yield of each Textile Bank.

Get the most for your waste textiles

Leading rates are paid for the tonnage collected. Creating funds for your school, business or charity.

We do the hard work for you

From installation to weekly collections we do the hard work for you. Our friendly drivers will collect from the textiles bank each week. The textile is weighed and returned to our centre for further processing. You can simply sit back and wait to recive your monthly payment.

A noticeable brand you can trust

All of our drivers use our modern fleet of liveried vehicles and carry ID information etc.

No need to worry about maintenance

All maintenance and servicing of the textile bins is included in our agreement

We're covered for any eventuallity

£10 Million public liability insurance cover.

Accurate weights determind on location

On board weighing facilities.

Textile Banks you can rely on

All textile banks meet the British safety standards and are made in the UK.

100% collected is reused again meaning none of our textile goes to landfill

65% will be sent to Africa and Asia for re-use and 35% will be sent to pulping mills to be used for fillings for mattresses.

Talk to a friendly face each time

Allocated member of the team for each contract.

Interested in organising your unwanted textile collections?

Why not get in touch for a no-obligation talk to discuss your requirements, we'd love to hear from you!

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School Collections


Do you have clothes and materials that you no longer want or need? You can clear out all of your old, unwanted materials and earn money for your school at the same time. Simply donate your old or unused clothing, shoes, handbags and belts to us using our school collections scheme. This way you can raise money for your school whilst knowing that your unwanted goods will be recycled or sent to help developing countries around the world.

Contact us for your free textile bank…plus your free promotional packs and posters


A Tailored agreement to suit you!

At ASTCO we understand that every business has different requirements, contact us to discuss a deal that best suits yours!

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We have a large fleet of vehicles ready to export large loads directly to you. By keeping the transportation link within our company, we are able to save you money & time whilst reinforcing our commitment to guarantee that your product is completely untouched! We export consignements of used textiles to all corners of the globe. We supply unprocessed loads. Our loads are checked, untouched and unprocessed. We then send it you directly allowing you to make a profit in your local marketplace.

To ensure you are getting the best rate why not fill out an enquiry form or call us today to discuss your specific needs.

A world of possibilites...

Whether you need small loads often or a large load less frequently, ASTCO can meet your needs!

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We are proud to be part of the team raising over £2 million for the Fire Fighters Charity, leading to us winning the Spirit of Fire Corporate Supporter Award. We also have helped in the last few years raise over £1.5 Million for Local Authorities, Local charities and community projects.

Joanne Croney

Meet The Team


Joanne Croney

Managing Director

With years of managerial experience in the textile recycling sector, Joanne is responsible for overseeing the day to day running of the business to ensure a smooth and stress-free process. Joanne would be your contact when discussing new or current contract agreements.

Lee Dore

Logistics Manager

With over 20 years of experience in the textile industry Lee has a wealth of knowledge and ability in the logistical running of the company. Lee would be you contact of any logistical issues including textile bank supply, collections and order processing.

Josh Croney

Business Development

Josh is a highly valued member of the team focusing on business development. Josh also organises the fundraising aspect of our company, so if you a looking to raise funds for Charities, Councils and other good causes Josh would be happy to hear from you.